sex education for minors

I have recently had to deal with the situation of my  child being taught 'HOW TO HAVE SEX' at school. This you call sex education, no this I call abuse . A childs mind needs to be free from the things that only an adult more mature mind can deal with . If we want our children to be as inocent as possible then do we as adults not need to protect thier minds, showing a child a video of a man having sex with a woman to me is pornography. How is a mind as young as a nine year old supposed to comprehend the physical nature of sex. 

Are not all children inquisitive, are some possibley disturbed and yet such things as this are only going to force the issues within their heads. You would not put a nine/ten year old a class and talk to them about how to murder some one, no it is sociably unaccetpable yet here we are giving our children the tools to go out and do such things as have sexual intercourse with each other. To me this is morally wrong. I accept that as part of growing up we need to learn about how our human bodies develop but until our children reach senior school then and only then should we educate them more approprate matters.

If the government is to proceed with this and teach our even younger children how to have sex with each other then the possibilities of more disturbed children growing up. Are we ready to tackle the rapists and peodohiles that this may bring forth to our communities. Only recently 2 ten year old boys were cought trying to force themselve upon a young girl you have to ask yourself was this before or after the 'sex education'.


Why does this idea matter?

I would not teach our children how to have sex with each other but design a plan that relates to age and what the human body goes through as we get older and only with that age group do we start teaching them these things. what the consequences of such actions are. It should be tought in a biology class as it has more to do with reproduction not sexual  experiences.

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