Sex education should be about NOT having babies. Why do teenage pregnancies occur? Nobody tells those clean brains (they are nearly new computers and softwares) properly, and we all experiment. Young people need help, as here, not lecturing.

The Chinese had the right idea, to limit their population, but did they explain masturbation to their population? I wish they had, for all our sakes, because we might then have adopted the idea too.

The following several pages are written by an Engineer, a very senior engineer who is now 67 years old. The body is an engineering structure – it has bones and flesh and nerves and a brain, and also fluids, just like engines use oil. The brain is a digital computer, and it learns as it grows older, but the learning is just like a computer software programme – complex sure, but neverthless a computer and its software. The hardware is what we build as we grow up, enlarging our brains by adding more hardware (brain cells) as we go, and the software is what we learn from parents and school and by simply living and enjoying life as we grow older. We learn all of the time throughout life, and this White Paper is all about our bodies and how sexual they are. It is not emotional, but factual.

It is therefore quite basic, and is meant to teach the young person particularly, what sex is all about, for they expolore themselves too easily. There are no pictures, because that is not the point. It is Information, or as that intelligent robot Johnny 5 would say “INPUT INPUT INPUT”!! Engineering Input.


Sex is not all it is cracked up to be.

For the man it feels OK, until the explosion of sperm called ejaculation, and then the penis aches for perhaps hours afterwards, because of the high blood pressure inside it which makes it rise called an erection. The blood valve opens after ejaculation and the penis relaxes, but the strain on the internal flesh of the penis and especially its head, is what makes it ache. For the woman, the vagina is almost not exciting at all, and in fact the body of the man banging against her pelvis is not pleasant, but she loves you, so ….. Oh well. All of her feeling is in her clitoris, and so gentle stroking is by far the best for her.

And then if they have a baby at all, the result is screams throughout the night and day for years until the child has learnt to look after itself. These screams change from real screams, to over-exuberance, to a determined “I want …..” as they grow older, and thus they exist right up until they are 18 years old!! My children are now over 40 years old, and I love them to bits, but …… My daughter struggles against a hierarchy at work which seems to want her to work 24 hours a day, and my son has just lost his job because the Company he worked for decided to put his job in China – having got him to go to China to tell them how to do it!!! I am concerned for them, and how it affects my sons young family.

My daughter is not married, for she found that men seemed to want to dominate her life – no way! My Mothers Sister similarly – she married only as she approached retirement! And my Mum is now 90 years old, and quite determined that the doctor is not going to run her life with his tablets, thankyou!

So, kids are with you for ever, and you should therefore consider whether you actually do want them at a young age. Maturity helps, for then you will have explored the world as much as you can or want to, and will then have decided what you really want in life, instead of letting an emotional drive to have sex AT THIS INSTANT, take over your life for years and years and years afterwards.


The morning after pill basically rejects implantation of the egg in the womb – nature does this every month of course. Fertilisation takes time – the sperm are not an express train, so the morning after pill rejects unfertilised eggs, and it is recommended that it is taken quickly. Have some in your pocket first, because on a bank holiday weekend you may not be able to get any within 24 hours. You may feel a bit sick after taking it, but only about 1 woman in every 60 actually throws up, when you should then take another pill. Pharmacists should help you, but there are some silly religious ones who want to stop you – find another pharmacist, there are good ones about too.

And maybe you might imagine this couple talking to each other? – “Do you want sex tonight? Why? Because it is nice, and I like it, don’t you? Well, I do not want a child. I agree, but condoms are painful. OK, so maybe no penetration, just play with the outside? Yes, that would be OK.”

Certainly, with careful use of fingers on sensitive nerves alone, both sexes can enjoy each other. Just do not be prejudiced because you have been told masturbation is wrong – it is GOOD and not at all wrong.


The male of our species passes urine down his prostate-penis tube, which triggers the need for sex after a week or two – women do not have the same demand at all, for their sensitive parts do not lie in the urinary tract. And the same when the male needs to go to the loo – the pressure inside the bladder-prostate valve may cause an erection if he has had to wait a long time, and some may misinterpret this as a need for sex – NOT SO.


The UK Government or Family Planning Association documents never talk about using tissue to catch a male deposit. Nor about how difficult it is for a man to stop, once started. Nor about anything else useful in August 2010.

How does a woman clean that male deposit out of her vagina after intercourse? It cannot just collect at the top of the tube!! Does the slightly smelly deposit dribble leak onto her pants during the whole of the next working day? Of course it does.

When she has intercourse, do her internal organs get moved to one side – a little for the vagina is a collapsed tube the rest of the time. The old side saddle mania, was because MEN thought the vagina was wide open all day!


Many religions have said that masturbation is wrong. It makes you blind some say – absolutely ridiculous!! Rubbish religious propaganda. Tell them that rubbing by hand or finger is no different from rubbing any other way! Religious philosophy has been power mad for too many centuries, demanding we have more and more children – and it is the parents who are religious not the child. Who dictates to children what to believe? Who are virgin young and happy until the evil dominating propaganda starts?

Masturbation is nice and you like it too? Good, but the circumcised male especially finds this difficult, and needs help to avoid the vagina – lubrication and softness essentially necessary. KY Jelly should be enough, but clearly it is not just for use by a woman – the packaging message is missing some advice, and so Johnson & Johnson have been asked to add some extra info.

Even normal males would benefit from using it, for the lubricated head of the penis is then more comfortably stimulated – the penis will still ache afterwards, but this route is so much better for both sexes, that its use should be more widely promoted.


It is recommended that circumcision is not generally practiced – evolution over millions of years has decided that we are OK as we are (no chimpanzee or orangutan is circumcised), and those males who are cut find it painful for ever afterwards.

For women it is a huge disaster caused by religion again. The whole of their bottom end skin (labia, clitoris all most painfully removed) is destroyed by an uneducated comic “surjeon”, who has no feelings of any sort other than sadism – just imagine the screams in the backyard room, where this awful procedure is carried out. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED, for it is MEN who are DOING IT TO WOMEN. STONING TOO, for it is the MAN who BLAMES the woman for HIS evil!! Male penis castration obviously necessary, to really stop such male arrogance.

Back to the circumcised male (whose surgeons do that? Not the National Health Service Surgeons I hope): It is painful when older to have an erection because the skin is often cut too short at birth, and it will not stretch far enough when the male becomes a teenager and has an erection, and maybe not after then either – because the skin has to be made to stretch and that is difficult, though masturbation may help.

So it is misery for life, and not at all helpful, for the natural urine flow cleans the inside of the skin out time after time anyway – as I say the orangutan has had his skin for tens of millions of years now, and it is only humans who are destroying their own penis, and maybe some human circumcised males want suicide for erection can be quite painful. The only other relief for a circumcised male is to use the lubricated vagina, and so they are tied to a vagina for life (thank goodness KY jelly came along) – thus circumcision is yet another disgusting and old religious philosophy to promote having many children in our already over-crowded world.

You should remember that once circumcised the highly sensitive nerves of the male rub inside his pants every minute of the day.

No wonder he never forgets – it must be murder for some, if not all. The foreskin protects and reduces the demand for sex thereby – just as nature intended!


Religious Dogma is why we have pregnancies – they merely want to populate the planet dead, and as individuals we mostly do not want them, for we would like to enjoy life first, and wait.

Why is this idea important?

The RC teach withdrawal, but why do they not teach masturbation to avoid a child? Withdrawal is always difficult let alone impossible – once male arousal has started it is very difficult to stop!! Thus the conclusion that all Religions are after is more childen – they could so easily have taught masturbation instead. I guess you now know most unmarried priests masturbate probably fairly regularly (and the married ones have sex, for they are not told that masturbation is good instead – you have to learn to think for your partner as well as for yourself) – biology will almost certainly not let them do anything else.

AIDS can be prevented by the use of condoms, but the religious have no concern for peoples welfare, are only interested in their own vested interest, and thus even claim that condoms do not work. I repeat, these people (especially in the religious USA) are pig ignorant of the real world today.

As a challenge to you, do you think Jesus Christ was a Christian? He was actually Humanist, for he stepped acros the road to help others in need – any of the good story’s about HIM show how he helped others, but HE was ot GOD. In today’s terms he was a Nelson Mandella, now an aging man, but renowned throughout the world as a survivor and a carer for others. Humanists care just like that, but deny that they care because of tradition or superstition – look up the British Humanist Association website, for it tells you what they believe. And never ever call Christ a Christian because the Christian Church today is just nowhere near good enough to represent Jesus Christ. The fight against AIDS is one reason identified above, for the lies that are told and the lack of humanity to those people in Africa particularly, and unfortunately paedophilia on the part of some, is another.


A Building Regulation must be drafted and authorised – bedrooms for parents in today’s small house only allow a double bed to be installed – they should allow for two single beds.

My flat has room for a double bed, but then it is a tight squeeze to slide into bed along my bedroom wall or my small chest of drawers. A single bed gives me back a little of the freedom to move I like – if only the room was a little larger I could have two twin beds, but there is not enough room for both, with my chest of drawers alongside my bed, and no other place to put it.

I have a wardrobe at the end of the bed, and even that is a bit tight to get past in my small room, but I do. So, there is a clear need for an improvement in the size of parents rooms (at least those).

The reason for single beds, is that the male finds himself very easily aroused when in a double bed with a soft breast leaning against him. The difficulty is stopping his natural self, for biology has made easy arousal lead into sex very easily too. Thus we should be allowed to sleep separately, and therefore comfortably without disturbing the other, and certainly avoiding unnecessary pregnancy’s. This Building Regulation is urgent.


Marriage was introduced to protect both partners in the event that one of them dies and leaves children who need care. These days the woman also goesd to work, but while she is in the later stages of pregnancy or lactating (breast feeding) her priority is bound to be the baby, for that is genetic heredity. The male genetically inherits the need to forage for food during this time, and these days the “forage” is mostly paid work of course. So, the female is supported by the male and this is entirely natural.

If you just live together, you will both know when the time has come to part from each other, because you actually do leave!! But this leaves the children exposed to many dangers, and as a Society in Britain and Europe, we have decided that marriage is by far the better role to play.

Marriage establishes a stability in life which is important for us all, both emotionally and physically. A HOME is where the heart is, and both partners contribute to it. Thus it is true that behind every good man, is a good woman, but it works the other way too I think. They really are a partnership, that is preferably not broken. As you age, that partnership becomes one of entirely caring for the other, until one of you dies. This in itself is a huge emotional struggle for anybody, and a family can help here, so have a child, but just one, or share with your brother or sister, for all the reasons here mentioned.


The total world population is about 6,500 million, and grows at the rate of 76 million per year. The projection for 2070 in my databook is 10,000 million – ie 10 billion. We MUST all be concerned, to ensure that this does not happen.

I have another concern over money too – if I consider that China alone was competing with us for jobs, our 60 million or so would be swallowed in one easy gulp, because we are only 5% of the Chinese population. How can we continue to pay ourselves so much relative to them? Will the money balance be 100% China + 5% UK = 105% (China + UK) salary’s?

So, our salary levels must drop a long way, because we will surely never be able to outbid the Chinese Engineering Company. Why? Because their survival is against a backdrop of poverty – they are used to it in general, they will always want jobs, so they will probably always outbid us – UNLESS we strive for better Manufacturing Engineering Technology than they do, and thus we might sell ours not theirs (unless we are too expensive!). And that is our only option – we must sell more manufactured products – even pills are manufactured by Engineers – but how do you compete with acupuncture?

In the Poor World, parents have many children to support them in their older age. When did the UK Government financially support a welfare system for all of these poorer countries, to help reduce population growth? Wipe out their debt? Yes, but a better focus would be a good introduction of a welfare system – far more cost effective and useful.


Men want sex more than women. You have to know why to understand this.

The male sheep wants sex towards the end of the year so that the female can have lambs in Spring. How does he know that Autumn is approaching? The sun tells him – there is a gland in his brain which reacts to the decrease of sunlight I am told. It cannot be the same as the human male drive, because the ram only wants sex during the Autumn, not every bloody week.

The human male has a prostate gland which passes and reacts to regular urine flow, and gradually during the week, the sex drive becomes stronger for that reason, until a release is necessary. The human female has no such regular trigger. She merely accepts the male demand – indeed a man has to become excited to obtain an erection, a woman just looks at him and says here we go again, because for her, there really is no trigger, except for the caress.

I do not know about other countries (Norway say?), but here in the UK, Officialdom seems to think a woman wants sex just the same as a man. This is ridiculous, and wrong.

Rape is 99% the male, not the female, and yet our Officials seem to take pleasure in asking the female whether she had sex last week or not. There is a big difference here – she LIKED the man she had sex with last week, but this …. this….. thing of a man is disgusting. The Law is NASTY, and protects the 1% of evil men with ITS sort of total pig ignorance of sex.

I have seen a chimp badly hurt by the females around him – they took the Law into their own hands because he kept raping them. I would like to see this in Britain too – the NATURAL way to stop rape! Or will MY LAW be accepted, that NOBODY EVER ACCUSES THE WOMAN OF ENCOURAGING RAPE.

We should be “presumed innocent until declared guilty” as the Magna Carta said – that should apply to the 99% victim, not the 1% rapist’s nastiness who seems to think HIS RIGHT is above everybody else’s.

Why polygamy – because some men want many wives. Ever hear of it the other way around? Would you be able to love a man properly, if he was not committed to you alone? Why do people divorce? How much is because of money? How much is because of uneducated sex? Polygamy is male domination, not love.


Recommend Marriage as a partnership for life.

Encourage masturbation for all, for it is pleasurable and STOPS PREGNANCY.

Introduce a good sex explanation leaflet – this White Paper must become Public Information. Children are not mini adults – their brains grow, and are new brains with a curiosity for life, that demands to be explored. Sex is one bodily function that can get them, and in world terms, us all, into trouble.

What are we doing about stopping the growth of the World population? The same information as here is needed around the whole world. Urgently.

Introduce Worldwide, a simple Benefits/Welfare System, for it is far better than just reducing poor Nations debt.

Introduce a good Building Regulation that ensures twin single beds can be used in parents bedrooms effectively.

Have fun everybody!!!

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