The traffic monitoring vehicles could also watch and film incidents of bad driving and post them on the internet. At the same time note incidents of good driving and send the driver points which could be used to reduce car insurance premiums.

Things which are not actual offenses but cause offence, such as not indicating BEFORE turning or stopping, changing lanes at a yellow box junction to 'steal' the space that has just become free for the driver next to them (leaving the latter stranded in the middle of the box), blocking up a junction without a box just to get through the lights, refusing to let drivers merge from a side road or a blocked lane…….. and on and on.

Good drivers would be those who allow another to pull out or change lane, give way to pedestrians (not to the point of causing those behind to slam on the brakes), leave space in a queue for people to turn into a side road etc.

Why is this idea important?

Plain bad driving is one the major causes of accidents, congestion and road stress and spreads bad feeling like a virus. On the other hand, polite courteous behaviour can spread good feeling. Receiving a good deed makes us more likely to pass it on.

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