I advocate scrapping all laws and regulations that prevent a shared-taxi service being operated in the UK.

Shared taxis services operate successfully in many other countries, including mainland Europe.

Why is this idea important?

Shared taxis are cleaner and greener than cars or 'normal' taxis. They can complement existing public transport infrastrcuture

Shared taxis offer a way to cut road congestion in urban areas, particularly in the case of short journeys that many people are taking at the same time:
– commuters travelling to/from local stations
– children being ferried to/from school
– shoppers visiting local shopping centres

The Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) believes a shared taxi scheme is the best way to provide public transport in rural areas.

The Commission for Integrated Public Transport (CfIT) also backs the idea.

My understanding is that the main obstacles are:
– licencing operators and services
– insurance
– concerns of existing transport providers and taxi services

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