Today the 9th June 2015 I tried to purchase three boxes times ten of Lemsip Max cold and flu treatment from two chemists in Atherstone. one would only let me have two and another chemist said that he he could let me buy one at a time, that the chemist offering me two was breaking the law.

I take quite a large number of prescription tablets of varying types during the course of the week which also consists of a box of a hundred a time paracetamol, which I take only when in severe pain.

I would have to be pretty stupid to abuse myself by taking excessive amounts of Lemsips when I already have a hundred or more Paracetamol tablets to hand,
What is the purpose of these stupid laws, and what moron passed them?

If this is law then it is very easy to exploit it by going to various shops or chemists and buying the max amount that they will sell you, so what is the purpose of this law, it serves no purpose what so ever.

Why is this idea important?

Because if this is law then it should only be sold on prescription, is not the purpose of prescriptions to stop persons from buying dangerous drugs and over dosing/
The law like a lot of others makes no sense at all.

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