Simple Legislation to unfreeze pensions

Simple Legislation enabling pensioners to retire anywhere in the world with annually uprated pensions would, if encouraged, save UK's economy vast amounts of valuable capital in health, plus 101 other benefit costs. Hospitals too would benefit, freeing much needed bed space. The money to legislate is available and held in the National Insurance fund. Those whose pensions are frozen do not ask for arrears merely justice and parity. 


Why does this idea matter?

My additional state pensions are "frozen" too. Not until their value falls below the Australian means tested benefits will I be eligible  to enjoy them.I contributed 49 years towards my state pension,17 years towards my GRP and 16 years towards my SERP. My Employers paid similar amounts. It is a farcical situation that I should have contributed so much but receive so little. Small reward for having fought for my country of birth. I consider it an important point.

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