Speed limits should be simpler.

20mph at schools etc. 30mph, 60mph and motorways 80mph.

Why is this idea important?

Its a simple idea, we are paying more tax etc to help support the economy, and see little if anything tangible back.

Simple speed limits would make life a lot easier for motorists. No more wonding how fast i can be driving or riding. Less time looking and thinking on signs when approaching a camera (they do not all have posted speed signs close by, see where I live) We mostly drive modern cars that are capable and safer. The nut behind the wheel is a problem, but lets take this into context.

I have never been onvicted for speeding or any motoring offence, lost a good friend to a speeding car accident but still believe that the millions and millions of driven miles every year show that he risk is acceptable. 80mph on the motorway 60 mph on open roads?


I've travelled the world and seen many things, while i love this country we do panic about 'risk' and culturly have a poor undestanding of it.

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