Simplify speed limits by introducing a blanket limit in all built up residential areas (suggest 50kph or 30 mph) and retain a national limit. Review current motorway national limit and possibly increase it. Remove ALL intermediate speed limits (40mph/50mph etc).

Instead, introduce automated speed monitoring at sensitive areas. Display the median speed of the traffic stream at the roadside (in similar fashion to speed measuring advisory signs). From time to time set up speed monitoring stations (speed traps). Penalise those exceeding the median traffic speed by >15%.

Those driving much faster than the median speed will stand out from the crowd and may be penalised by randon speed checks. The onus of proof that they are driving safely rests on the driver.

Why is this idea important?

It greatly simplifies the present system of speed limits and regulation which is largely ignored.

It removes the need for road signage, saving cost. Many speed advisory signs are obscured by other signs.

It places the onus for responsible, safe driving firmly upon the driver. Most drivers observe safe speeds. Irresponsible drivers will stand out.

This automatically creates and continuously updates the speed limit that "The Reasonable Man" believes is the correct one. Those who do not comply with the median speed will stand out from the crowd and may be penalised.

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