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I am a children's social worker who now manages a multi agency safeguarding training department.

Over the years it has come to my attention that the laws around naturism are confusing and many people I have spoken to (including police and social workers) do not understand them.  I am aware that naturism is not illegal (even when children are present) however simplification  of the law  would put lots of minds at ease, a system like the Spanish (and other nations) where naturism is permitted on all beaches apart from town beaches and naturism is permitted openly in rural areas (i.e. outside of towns and villages). 

At the very least there should be public naturist beaches, places in the national parks and places in every county in the UK.

In my professional experience the times were difficulty arises most are when there is confusion especially when the professionals are confused.  I have seen these difficulties  many times around safeguarding issues also reported in findings from serious case reviews and government reports that  I  read.

I would therefore ask you to consider the simplification of the laws around naturism so all people know it is legal (unless you are deliberately offending others) and also ensure there is provision for the hundreds of thousands who do practice naturism.

Thank you for your time

Why is this idea important?

I have to work wih people that are confused by what seems to be contridicting laws and a simpler law would give people ease of mind when they want to go naked.

For many people  there is no where they can lie in the sun naked or walk in the hills, so it is important that we cater for a large sector in society.  I understand for a larger sector of our society this could go against there values but we are a multi-cultural society we need to think of the needs of many as they do sucessfully in many parts of Europe.

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  1. Can I wholeartedly agree with the whole het of this note. Many of us would like to be able to walk the hills unclothed on sunny days – I live near the Offa’s Dyke path which would be wonderful for naturist rambles but when I approached N Wales police for their guidance on whether I could organise a walk along a quiet and remote stretch their response was of total negativity.

    The perceived crimes of ‘flashing’ and exposure with an intent to shock would disappear completely if nudity was completely allowable and practised widely. My expoerience is that the naturist events I have attended have been the most family friendly and least prurient functions that you could wish for.

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