It always feels such a disgrace when you hear that someone goes to prison for 12 years (say) but they will get out after 7 on 'good behaviour'.

If the sentence is going to be 7 years, why not just sentence them for 7 years? As long as we know they will serve that, we will feel happier.

However, instead of time off for 'good behaviour' – a contradiction in terms or why eelse would they be in prison? – the other 5 years should be added on the moment they step out of line.

Benefits? Realistic sentences, less passive income for overpais lawyers who constantly milk the system.

Why is this idea important?

We like to feel that if someone is punished for bad behaviour that they serve a realistic sentence. Turning bail on its head would also save public money. How many prisoners are paying lawyers through legal aid for their (often multiple) bail attempts?

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