70% of all rents, service charges, council tax in both social and private housing are paid by the taxpayer, The  system is massively complicated and open to abuse. Local Authorities should have the power to assess and reassess the financial circumstances of all households. There should be a system whereby people in need and below a certain income do not claim or be paid (or through a third party) ant kind of benefit. They must be continually assessed and to report any change in circumstances and live in a residence, without paying any gross rent, council tax, energy bills. They should be issued with special store cards, not identifiable as different, except by code, which will enable them to buy goods and services, without charge. These must be constantly monitored.

Why is this idea important?

The welfare state has to be reformed together with the benefits that are paid. If two people wish to form a partnership and have children, then they must decide whether they are affordable, without relying on the state or other taxpayers. Their lives must be governmed by prudence. This misuse of the benefit sysytem causes anger and envy from people who can see the system being misused, One also needs a system of "annononymous whislte blowing" to prevent what are in fact criminal activities.

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