When we get married we have to take all legal documents – proof of identity, proof of residency, proof of divorce etc to the registrar who checks and agrees they are legal, enters the information onto their computer system and then legalises the marriage and issues the marriage certificate.


Following the marriage some individuals want to take their partners name. So far I have had to inform 22+ separate organisations and agencies of my name change, send original certificates by recorded delivery (get the certificate back by recorded delivery), send certified copies of my marriage certificate to other organisations. I had an on-line form to complete for the tax office (good and sensible) but had to write separately to the national insurance office!


My idea is that once formally married (marriage certificate issued) a USB s given to the married couple (same sex or different sex) and that is all the proof needed. On line forms could then easily be completed with a check system completed by the receiving organisation e.g. the passport office would put the usb through their system and ot would confirm or not whether the marriage was valid and the change of name legitimate

Why is this idea important?

saves time, money, effort

uses and enhances a system that is already in place 

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