Take the uncertainty out of divorce and family law by introducing simple rules for the division of property upon divorce.

At present a handful of judges make up the law 'on the hoof' to fit in with their own prejudices.  Amongst other things this means that the law under which you get married may not be the law under which you get divorced.  This is against all natural justice.  Allow couples to enter binding pre-nuptual agreements or to accept simple rules for the division of property on divorce and stop the madness of the family courts.

Have clear and irrefutable laws that give children the right to an equal relationship with both parents as a starting point, upon the breakup of a marriage.

Why is this idea important?

Even family law judges have criticised the extraordinary cost of litigation in the family courts.  This results from parliament abdicating their responsibilities in the area of family law and leaving it up to a handful of judges to make up and vary the law as they see fit.  The end result is waste of money and waste of resources (the family courts are over burdened).  Most importantly it results in the lives and relationships of those having to use the family courts being blighted.

Children are the biggest losers in this process with their relationships with one or both parents being poisoned and money that should be protecting their future going to lawyers and judges.

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