Britain has much useful legislation to protect the environment such as National parks, AONB’s, National Nature Reserves and urban Conservation Areas.


The administration of these areas has to some extent been undermined and made unnecessarily bureaucratic by successive overlapping designations and regulations, such as Site of Special Scientific Interest. SSSI’s: Special Protection Areas, SPA and Ramsar sites. Much of this over-regulation was suggested (demanded?) by the European Union and consolidated in the CRoW Act 2000 that brought in heavy-handed regulations on public access and directives such as that for Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA).


There is an urgent need to look at ways of simplifying this legislative burden without losing the original good intentions!

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because these regulations waste time and money.

They also, often demoralise dedicated staff, inhibit inovation and divert resources from actual work on the ground.

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