DEFRA (?) runs the scheme under the CITES convention to meet an EU directive.

Under the UK version the fee is £59 for each plant/species to import and £47 to export.So to import one of each of a hundred plants having a value of say £500 when imported and £1000 when exported, the fees will total £10,600.  There is no trade taking place. Naturally !

In Germany , for example, the total fees would be under 100 Euros. German traders flourish, and in fact come to UK to sell their plants, whilst UK traders suffer, decline, and go out of business..

DEFRA say that users have to pay for the scheme. Why does it have to be such an impossibly expensive one ? Anyone in the trade could devise a simple scheme which would be cheap to run , just as the Germans, Belgians etc etc have done.

Why is this idea important?

UK trade is suffering, needlessly, by these unnecessarily gold-plated regulations.


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