The legilation relating to the enforcement of noisy exhaust systems fitted to modernised vehicles is complex and needs to be simplified. Enforcement is made difficult and sophisticated expensive noise meters is  required. The anti-social trend of fitting noisy exhausts needs to be reversed. Perhaps noisy exhaust could be covered under the very useful section 59 power given to police?

Why is this idea important?

The anti-social trend of fitting noisy exhausts needs to be reversed.

3 Replies to “Simplify legislation relating to noisy vehicle exhaust systems.”

  1. Our street has had to suffer due to a selfish thug who thinks his car needs to have a non factory fitted exhaust which whilst ticking over is registering an average decibel reading of between 85 – 88 dbs.
    Unfortunately when he returns or leaves after midnight he insists on sitting outside his house for several minutes with his engine running. This wakes up our immediate neighbours and disturbs our sleep on a regular basis. One of neighbours reported him to the Police, they came about a week ago, took his car away, a day later he had his car back with the same modifications!! The Police contacted our neighbour stating they could do no more as it was against HIS human rights!! What about our right to get an undisturbed nights sleep. Pricelss…..

  2. Someone could go to the European courts and use the Human rights ‘right to a private life’ and ‘right to a family life to sue the UK government and Police.

  3. If the car has a turbo, it needs to be run for a few minutes to take the heat out of it otherwise the oil burns out and damages the turbo on restart. Have you tries talking nicely to him? He may not realise it’s loud, because he drives it all the time! 🙂

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