We have just had the ridiculous situation of our local council of Hammersmith & Fulham putting in new metal posts with parking restriction signs placed at every parking bay painted in our street where previously we only had signs at sensible intervals placed on lamp posts. This means we now have had to endure yet more ugly street furniture when there is already far too much anyway.  it also makes parking much more restrictive because you cannot park beside one of these new parking posts and open your car door. It is also a huge waste of local tax payers money! We are told it has been done because the law requires it – what bureaucratic nonsense!

Why can't the laws regarding parking be simplified and standardised so that parking restriction signs need only be placed at the end of each street and on the parking meter itself . These simple rules and signs could  possibly incorporated in the Highway Code too so that every driver would then be required to know what the very simple rules governing parking restrictions in residential city streets are. This would save time and money in the Courts as everyone would be expected to know the rules. It would remove the need for ugly unnecessary street furniture which would save local taxpayers yet further expenditure.  

Why is this idea important?

It ensures every driver understands the simplified laws relating to parking in residential streets, it removes the need for ugly street furniture which already confuses a lot of drivers and saves huge sums of money

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