The Conduct of Employment Agency regulations involve us in a great deal of day-to-day bureaucracy that does nothing to benefit or protect candidates. These regulations should be stripped down to some core important points, or restricted to lower salaries / pay rates.

Why is this idea important?

The rules serve to confuse clients and candidates alike and create unecessary paperwork. A few of the many examples are below.

  • Terms of business to meet the regulations concerning transfer fees are virtually incomprehensible
  • We have to document supplying our terms of business to clients even when we accept terms that clients impose
  • We have to maintain an audit trail of basic communications that candidates expect anyway
  • We have to duplicate information provided as part of a job offer sent directly to candidates by employers
  • We have to gain agreement of limited company contractors regarding opting out of the Employment Agency Regulations and inform clients – we have yet to meet a candidate or client who understands what on earth we are talking about
  • There is endless pointless copying of passports etc.
  • We have to assess health and safety risks for each brief even though all our roles are in standard office environments

The regulations were introduced for a range of reasons, mainly to protect candidates, but we feel that their complexity allows unscrupulous agencies to flourish while companies such as my own spend time trying to be compliant.

The regulations were clearly designed to protect lower paid workers and are totally unsuitable when dealing higher salaried professional candidates.

Simplifying these rules would free-up businesses and be more effective at meeting their original objectives.

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