I'm in Edinburgh, and the time taken to process a single double-sided page of an application form takes over three months. It's unacceptable!!

The procedure is very complicated, and really nothing concrete is said at the beginning, so I don't know whether I can actually establish a time by which I would know when my licence would be granted. On that depends when I want to start my business, and as I would like to trade with fresh fruit and vegetables seasonally this is an important information

I would like to have my case heard in 4-6 weeks time, and a situation when  any objections are not sent to me by mail, but put forward on a meeting where I could present my arguments, defend my case, and eventually alter my licence application on the spot – without need to continuously exchange paperwork for weeks.

Why is this idea important?

I was not able to start my business this year because of the time required for processing my application! It may be finally resolved in September 2010, and the licence period is to be for time from 1 July 2010 for just one year. Total nonsense.

I'm sure the same problem affects many people, especially first time applicants who have never obtained a licence before.

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