When you earn money you get to pay NI (tax) and tax (tax). Then you pay your local council tax and you theoretically have some left. Spend it and you pay tax, spend it on something you really want and you pay more tax, save it and you pay tax, die with a few bob left and you pay tax. Peopel on low wages are paying tax with one hand and colelting it back with teh other because the taxesmean they don't have enough to live on. people on benefits are taking tax money and paying tax on it when they spend it. This is clearly a ridiculous situation. The tax burden on UK citizens is tremendous and the money and time spent on different government departments and accountants trying to collect/dodge/redistribute these taxes is ridiculous.

I propose a much simpler system. One fixed rate tax on any money changing hands for whatever reason.

Why is this idea important?

All these different taxes here there and everywhere only serve to muddy the waters on the true tax burden on UK citizens.,  Why not simplify the system with one ruddy great tax on all transactions so we can clearly see how deep the Government has its hands in our pockets.

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