The Government needs to force the rail companies to simplify rail fares and simplify the rules about using them. There should only be one fare whether you are jumping on the train without buying a ticket in advance or with a ticket you have already reserved your set for. If they want to get people travelling they have to make it as simple, easy and as cheap as possible. The train fares are also crazily expensive and it's no surprise people use their cars.

Take the story on the link below about a couple forced to pay a fine for getting off two stops too early. It is absolutely disgusting and makes my blood boil that the train company are actually able to fine them a ridiculous amount of money for that. It's not right, not fair, doesn't apply any common sense and puts people back into cars when the Government wants us out of them.

And for those of you who might say they should have read the rules of the ticket – who does read them? It could happen to you. There's no need to read rules if there are no stupid laws or bylaws for something so simple as getting off two stops too early.

Why is this idea important?

They are too complex and two expensive. There are too many types of tickets and too many little hitlers willing to apply the unnecessarily complex rules which don't make any sense to anyone whatsoever.

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