The Data Protection act needs tweaking / simplifying because various organisation in the public & private sector seem to be using it as an excuse to make things more difficult than they need to be, such as:

– Updating / Cancelling / Changing a service (e.g. Broadband package, etc) on behalf of a disabled or elderly relative who can't do so themselves because of physical or pyschological reasons (e.g. can't use the phone because they're deaf and still can't hear via their hearing aid… or like me have speech difficulties), with the numpty in the call centre insisting they can only deal with the person the call is being made on behalf of. In some cases these could be a simple 5-10minute job via a secure internet connection if only the organisation in question would provide it but don't citing the Data Protection act as an excuse.


– Arranging to repay government benefits on behalf of a disabled or elderly relative, such as recently when the benefits agency decided they'd over-paid my Grandma (who'll be 95 later this month) while she'd been stuck in hospital for several weeks and my Dad was trying to organise repaying it (seeing as she's deaf), only for it to be made more complicated (with, yet again, the Data Protection act used as an excuse).

Why is this idea important?

The two examples I stated above pretty sums up why this is important

  • It causes unnecessary annoyance & high blood pressure
  • It causes jobs that could be done in 5 – 20minutes instead take up most the day or part of the week trying to sort something out via phone calls and / or letters.
  • It makes life awkward for people with Hearing or Speech difficulties
  • Private Sector customer service departments seem to be using it as an excuse to get out of dealing with things properly.
  • Local & National government departments also seem to be using it as an excuse to get out of dealing with the public's problems properly.

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