I think the home owner should be able to take appropriate action when faced with an intruder.  However, physical size should be taken into account.  It is very difficult for a smaller person to manhandle a larger person without striking sometimes a serious blow(s).  Also, the pressure of the moment (fear, adrenal rush etc ) should also be taken into account as these factors do not always facilitate a so-called 'reasonable' response.  In other words, with these factors in mind, what constitutes a 'reasonable' response should bear the above factors very much in mind and make a determined effort to favour the householder and disadvantage the intruder who should already have lost much of his  'rights under the law' by virtue of his unlawful entry.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it helps to fine-tune any future legislation by taking account specific circumstances and the reality of the situation facing the average householder faced with an intruder.  

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