Thirty years ago, all British legislation was generated by Westminster and constructed and approved by 650 Members of Parliament, with about 200 active Lords to check.

Now, 70% of British legislation originates in EU bureaucracy, only to be checked through by 650 MPs and about as many Lords, many of them placemen by the government of the day.

The imperative of reducing the burden of government could be achieved by:

1.  Contracting with the people of Britain that, for every new law passed in the next 20 years, TWO existing laws of equal weight and effect will be revised, assimilated or abolished, with the intention of making the laws of Britain fewer, clearer, more concise, fairer and less oppressive.

2.  Recognising the diminishing role of Westminster, MP numbers will be progressively reduced over 20 years until one elected MP represents 200,000 people (whether on a constituency or regional basis doesn't matter too much).   Lords should all be elected from regional lists on the same numerical basis from amongst life, purchased and hereditary peers, but offering 'expertise' and 'local interest', not party affiliation, to justify election. 

Why is this idea important?

To keep faith with the people of Britain, who are overwhelmed by government, generated in response to the legislative demands of the EU.

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