As well as overwhelming public health reasons, smokefree is also about public utility and the local environment. Many families no longer frequent what once were pleasant pub beer gardens due to the concentrated amount of people smoking in the vicinity . Large amounts of cigarrette butts on the ground or in the grass or under tables or overrflowing from ash trays just tends to put families off and is bad for the environment.  Many families also do not want to expose their impressionable children to an area where more people are smoking than not; they also do not feel they can have a pleasant meal or drink outside. A cultural change will come about if smoking is banned on all pub premises. More families and non-smokers (the majority of the population) will give their trade which will help towards the decline in pubs. It needs to be all or nothing and a level playing field for all businesses.

Why is this idea important?

Eliminating the anti-social behaviour of smoking on all of a business's premises will halt the decline of the pub and restaurant  trade and reduce the visible exposure of smoking to young children.

It will also improve the local environment, and make the outside of these premises  more enjoyable and useable for the proportion of the population who do not smoke.

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