The smoking ban has damaged the pub / club industry.I think unless a pub/club serves food then the ban should be lifted and left to the discretion of the landlord.Where food is served maybe a smoking area could be made available.

Most landlords (that still have Pubs) have had to spend thousands of pounds fitting smoking shelters and heating them against our harsh winters.Surely a landlord should be able to make the decison as to wether he/she feels that their pub should be smoking or non-smoking,does his/her pub need a dedicated smoking area,should they continue to ban it in their pub or should they spend a few hundred pound installing air purifiers to combat the smoke issue.

The atmosphere in pubs/clubs has been damaged,most of the non smokers now feel like leppers because they are left sitting on their own while us smokers go for fag.A lot of non smokers actually come outside to join us when we go for fag because they dont want to be left alone.Where is the common sense in this ban. 

Why is this idea important?

Freedom of choice for someone that owns their own business.

Bringing back some life to what is effectively a dying trade.

People are struggling with all sorts of problems / Stresses these days and need the time to relax in whatever way  they can if that means a beer and a fag why not ?

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