Allow publicans to choose whether or not they wish to be a smoking or a non smoking bar/pub. This wretched law has ruined the social life of myself and loads of my friends. We used to finish work and go for a drink and a bite to eat. now we do neither. There are many air extraction and filtration systems available, why can't they be installed? It can't be any more expensive than the outdoor facilities they have had to put in place to try and keep customers. Smoking and drinking outdoors simply does not compensate – we are not in the Med – we are not in the right part of the world to do the Al Freco bit. Lovely pubs are closed because of this horrible oppresive law – it has nothing to do with the price of a pint – if 10p were put on the price of a pint, it wouldn't make a difference unless you drank hundreds of pints a week – the ruination of the tradional English pub is the smoking ban. How come politicians can smoke in the House? The cobblers about it being a Royal Palace does not wash – Hypocricy is the word. Please have this law changed. 

Why is this idea important?

For the reasons above

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