i for one feel that the smoking ban has damaged the pub industry aswell as other companies. But most of all i think that people should have a choice on whether they are to smoke in public places, fair enough i know some people dislike the idea of smoking and think it is a horrible habit, but its all a matter of the persona of the individual.


So there for i suggest that the government does the best for both smokers and non-smokers, by introducing a  Smoking Licence for Companies that wish for people to be able to smoke on there land if they want to. But with the icence it must come with a sign to be put up saying that it is a smoking property (Companies only) and people can then choose whether they would like to go in or not

Why is this idea important?

The Public must be aloud a decision on what they want to do and not to be told what they have to do. The smoking ban has badly affected Most Public Houses and clubs aswell as other companies. So my idea come as a we'll meet you half way, and charge £300 per licence per year which the revenue would help out the country, help out some businesses that choose to hae it, and help people to be able to decide what they would like to do rather than be told

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