To revise the smoking ban.  No government should have the right to dictate to the owners of buildings who they can and cannot allow into their premises.  The decision on whether smoking is allowed or not should be the choice of the owner of the premises.  Where they chose to allow smoking it should be in a designated area, clearly identifed and warning people that 'smoking is allowed' is that area.

There used to be a 'smoke room' in pubs this should be reinstated.  Just a designated room, no bar therefore no threat to staff.

Airports should have a designated smoking room.  It could even reduce air rage.  Most other countries allow smoking in some part of the airport,  and it has to be better than expecting people to stand outside.

Even the definition upon which the smoking ban was introduced is wrong.  The correct definition of a public place is an area where people are not excluded based upon their ethnicity or socio economic grounds.  This means that if you have to pay to go in it is not a public place.

I personnally think that a government simply does not have the right to apply such extreme blanket rules to buildings, places and areas which they do not own or control.



Why is this idea important?

My ideas are important because we are moving rapidly towards a totalitarian state.  We have to halt this trend of trying to shape peoples lives.  It is a slippery slope and amounts to nothing less than social engineering.  Over the past few years we have almost become a facist dictatership, with a "I know best attitude" coupled with "do as I say"  George Orwell must be turning in his grave to know what kind of people we have become.

We have to reinstate the tolerance we were once famous for.

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