I believe the smoking ban in pubs and clubs should be repealed/ammended. It would make far more sense for a licence to be introduced. If a pub or club wants to allow smoking on the premises they should have to apply for a licence costing say 500-1500 pounds a year (depending on the size of the establishment) for a pub and say 2500 pounds for a club. That way it gives landlords and customers freedom of choice as there would still be plenty of pubs/clubs who don't want the licence whilst raising revenue for the government.

Why is this idea important?

It returns the freedom of choice back to the consumer and the people running the businesses, leaves plenty of choice for those who want to go to smoke free venues and puts money into the treasury. The decision by the Labour government to introduce a blanket ban was nannying at best, and dictatorial at worst, and proved that they were completely out of touch with the man on the street. It would also make the current government extremely popular.

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