Allow smoking in pubs and clubs again. Simple proposal which would be at the discretion of the landlord/owner

This should only apply to pubs and clubs, not restaurants.

Why is this idea important?

Since the smoking ban, many people have favoured staying indoors with a crate of beer because they can still smoke whilst enjoying a drink.

We already live in a society where people are becoming less social and more solitary. The smoking ban just promotes this.

As a NON smoker, I preferred people being able to smoke inside, it meant not only people didn’t have to keep disappearing to go and smoke, but the smells of stale alcohol, especially in clubs, was masked.

One Reply to “Smoking Ban Amendment”

  1. Good idea. The ban forces smokers outside in full view of e.g. children and others who don’t like the smell. Just like stores have to hide tobacco products, smokers and smoke are better inside and off the street. It would help the pub trade, it would help stem the tide of witch hunting of smokers.

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