With the current trend of numerous public houses having to close weekly, the impact this has on Government taxation revenues, why has the smoking ban to apply to ALL Public Houses. Smokers pay more tax than non smokers and much of the income derived from the sale of cigarettes and alcohol goes into the National Health Service.

Why, initially at least, after the ban on smoking in public places was introduced, were the Houses of Parliament allowed a smoking room when normal smokers were refused this simple right?

Would it not make sense to allow a brewery or licensee the option, provided no food is sold within the premises, nor children served there, to allow smoking within such licenced premises. These could be clearly indentified with health warnings thus non smokers could make an informed decision as to whether to enter or not.

If anyone has been to Spain, France, Portugal etc recently it seems that they have a far more relaxed attitude to this whole matter. As a smoker I would urge the Government to consider this whole issue and review a possible small amendment to a law restricting a freedom this country had enjoyed for hundreds of years.

Even the Queen sent cigarettes to our troops in the trenches in the 1914 – 18 conflict, surely allowing such a small freedom to those who choose to smoke whilst continuing to protect children and non smokers is hardly likely to cause riots in the street!


Why is this idea important?

Allowing smoking in certain selected premises will increase trade to those local public houses, increasing revenues in tax on alcohol sales, thereby improving profitability of the public houses in question with subsequent rises Corporation Tax, combined with protection of jobs in a dying industry.

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