The UK government is supposedly continually striving to catch up with implementing EU laws into the UK. I recently passed through Holland and Germany and found that a rest stop had no table that was not kitted out with a bright black ashtray in the middle ready to use, not one table. Ironically as a smoker i think this myself is wrong. A recent visit to spain where i met with a fellow smoker who lived there i asked how the smoking ban had gone down. His response was that everyone more or less ignored it including bar and restaurant owners and that they found it funny that when the Brits cam over they would go outside for a cigarette automatically whereas the locals often did not bother.

The UK had smoking in public places especially bars and restaurants under control. All smoking areas where clearly signed and in many cases isolated from the rest of the premises. We had better and more stringent laws than most of the rest of Europe. As usual we crucified ourselves with draconian laws that now ensure that in a country that certainly does not have the climate people huddle outside simply to have a cigarette. Until smoking is made illegal and taxes no longer collected we are asking the government to provide the smoker with facilities adequate for having a cigarette in comfort and to ensure like the famous minority laws that exist that we are protected from what is steadily becoming overt victimisation towards the smoker.        

Why is this idea important?

Smokers contribute massively to the taxes collected by this government. It has become associated uniquely to almost any cancer known and thousands of other diseases. We need to get back to common sense laws that we had, that operated well and that the majority of the population agreed with. 

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