Smoking the drug tobacco is in no way beneficial to the welfare or health of British people. 

Smoking tobacco is exceedingly addictive, which makes it hard to stop if you start.

However, tax revenues appear to be about £10billion whilst costs to the NHS are below £2billion a year. Therefore it is not in the financial interest of the nation that smokers give up.

Even so, in these times of financial prudence, I propose that tobacco should be banned from the UK to assist smokers in giving up.

This would have a number of positive knock-on affects including freeing up money for low income families and helping people live longer and healthier lives to play with their children.

The obvious difficulties are no less than those that already exist with such banned drugs as marijuana, cocaine and heroin. It is also clear from earlier this year that governments are willing to ban chemical concoctions that are newly invented, so this blanket ban should not be difficult – morally or practically.

As a smoker, I would on balance rather not smoke, and this proposal would assist me greatly in giving up the deeply addictive and damaging drug, tobacco.

Why is this idea important?

Save lives

Improve health of the nation

Improve my health

Consistent with dangerous drug policy of successive governments for 80 years

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