The Right to buy Thatcherism should be scrapped.  The stock that used to be under Council/Housing Association control should gradually be bought from the home owners, and used for desperate families who need these homes.  Also to help single unemployed people to get work should only pay 20 per cent of council tax, to stop this poverty among the people trying to get to work.

Why is this idea important?

I live next to Council house owners, and they think they own the whole close, I find my suggestion could solve the problems of this snobbery, and it would give everyone a chance to live in comfort and get a house they need, since this Thatcherism  home owning came into action, there is only about 20 per cent of council/housing Association are actually occupied, the rest are OWNED privately. Also why should I give up my right to be a tennant to my home, when I'm happily living here for 13 years?  Also the 20 per cent of council tax would give us all a break from this chronic poverty while working, as full timers only come back to sleep.

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