The Social Welfare system is a one size fits all outfit. Expecting Middle and High Income earners who fall on hard times to survive on £55 per week and wth zero entitlement to housing benefit if they own their own home is simply ludicrous.

Given these popel have contributed in taxes so much money over their years of employment and funded many government projects the social welfare system shoudl be a little more generous and a little less stringent with these people in their time of need.

I suggest a 12 months of 60% pay would be a pprpriate for people who were on over £40,000 with a mortgage subsidy.

This is similar to German and Swiss models – yes it's expensive BUT given these people are likely to be employed again quicker why compound their problems when the real focus shoudl be to help the "unemployable" get the skills to begin contributing to the economy.

Why is this idea important?

Reform in this area recognises that people who have contributed to the economy and are in high paid emplyment have madea contribution to the governemnt and are unliekly to be unemplyed for long.

It will leave such workers feeling less alienated by a system which treats them as a sponger when they face unemployment even if only on a a very short term basis.

SUch people maight even be prepared to apy higher taxes for this extra safety cushion.

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