i am fortunate that the following does not apply to me but i rememer when i lived in the inner city of birmingham that i was approached by a man asking if i could provide sexual services – i had only gone to the postbox to post a letter

Many residentail areas are blighted by kerb crawling and this makes it unsafe for many women to go out alone in those areas. Kerb crawling is a direct result from the law which bans the advertisement of selling sex. Whilst explotation should not be condoned – i accept there are many women that decide to enter this field and i am aware that to be a prostitute is in itself not illgeal. – but the advertisement of such services is. 

if the law was changed to allow women to advertise their services and operate from premises in an specific area ( there are many business areas which could be altered to suit this service) it would deter kerb crawling and allow the residents in parts of any city to operate a normal family life.


Why is this idea important?

it would help "regular" women  including young teenagers to go about their family life without being pestered by kerb crawlers  – the kerb crawlers would have moved to the business area of the city which would cater for their needs

and free up police time which is needed to patrol the areas affected by kerb crawlers

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