Scrap (temporarily) immigration until work is available for all U.K. born (& 2nd generation)

Provide work for all 16 year old and above and scrap ALL benefits, saving enormous amounts in Admin. costs EXCEPT for Military injured on active service, who should automatically be given Blue Badges (Disabled Drivers) or free travel, ALL Hospital Treatment and Medication also free.

Jobs to be createdwhere neccessary for disabled (e.g. Toilet Attendants, Car Park Attendants, Lift Men/Women, Cal Centre Operators etc etc

ALL transport to be electric wherever possible to cut cost of Oil imports

All Defence spending to be in U.K. ONLY: thus no dependance on parts from another country, jobs for u.k. citizens no outflow of cash to pay for Americal, Canadian etc products

ALL operations owned by overseas interests (e.g. Anglian Water: France: Electricite de France, France Telecom, Santander, Telefonica, Deutsche Telecom etc) so that we are not held to ransom by external influences.

Encourage ALL  development of electrically powered items to replace any item using imported fuel. (Think WW2 convoys – if it had to be brought in by convoy substitute a home grown item) and havingdeveloped the electrical power unit EXPORT, EXPORT, EXPORT

Finally ensure NO building work granted permission unless green and ecologically sound

AND ALL rules/laws RIGIDLY enforced by Policing policies under close Governmental scrutiny

Why is this idea important?


So that I can spend the rest of my life in the country that I have served for many years, as did my forefathers for several generations,  instead of giving it all away to any scrounger inclined to take it

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