If the Bank of England are the only private firm producing Bank notes and the government agree to pay interest on any loans then where would the interest come from? It's very obvious that we, the people are going to be in debt forever, there is no end to this insanity, IT's debt on debt.

Currently the Government have colluded with the Banks to "sell" all the banks toxic investment to the people, The banks are all nice and clean now and can pay out billions in bonuses while we the people had no choice in this, we are being force to buy this toxic debt at full value, its a con and we know it but we also know the remedy and we know that you know it too.

At the same time the entire income TAX revenue of these islands is being used to service the interest payments demanded by Banks for loans to government in this insane way explained above. Why shold government have to pay interest on loans? Well to enslave the people into funding fat cat bankers. This is no longer tolerable and this land now teeters on the point of rebellion.

Government must take responsibility for the printing of banknotes, eliminating any further interest payments to banks. Bank notes are utterly worthless in this our bankruptcy, they are backed by nothing more than the sweat of our labour, yet you the government continue to charge us massive taxes to pay unnecessary interest on loans of this worthless paper rather than taking control of the production of this worthless paper.

In the current system the debt never ends, inflation is built in and savings are constantly undermined. Only a fool would try and save money (till reciepts from an empty till) in a bank. The ultimate fate of this fiat currency is for it to collapse. This is a certainty again we know that you know that.

The secret is well out now and in time all off the people will know of your deception, how the people have been "cheated" out of their labour to pay the fat cat bankers their interest by your demanding ever increasing tax's. Has the working man to live on nothing at all to satisfy you the greedy MP's who want for nothing, the public servants who are now the masters, lording it over the slaves, the taxable units. How much are you going to steal from the tax payer by the time you are done, is over 60 % in tax not enough to satisfy you the greedy politicians and bankers.

Money is created from DEBT, this is now becoming known, the bankers simply create the worthless paper for nothing and have the gall to demand the people pay them the capital and interest when they take out a loan or a mortgage and not only that but the damned bankers don't even pay tax on the instantly created free money. Now once its created they can then multiply it by what 9 times under the rules of fractional banking.

I know nothing will come of post to you as you the government have lied, cheated, connived, conspired to deceive the tax payer, the people of these islands into believing things that are not and cannot be true. You still continue this treason and treachery to this day.

And you really think putting up a website to moan about a few piddling rules, yes rules that get passed of as law when infact they are only rules and they are only given the force of law by the consent of the governed – Well we the people no longer consent, its that simple we are going to withdraw consent in our millions unless you and I specifically mean YOU immediately solve the problem by changing the stupid rule that allows the gangsters in the IR to rip off the people so you can pay the thieving bankers.


Why is this idea important?

To restore faith in Government.

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