Last year a new 2-part test was brought in for motorcyclists as it stands all trainees have to preform 2 "high speed elements, the swerve avoidence and the emergency stop these must be preformed at a min of 50kph now first of all we live in britain where its mph also this law makes no allowences for smaller cc bikes or weather conditions as an instructor we teach people to reduce there speed in wet conditions now as part of A2 or DAS training we're haveing to go againsed this, since the introduction of the test all training schools have seen a significant drop in people taking up training due to the addional cost and time involved in test training also the sales of motorcycles have also fallen this will be further affected if the new laws come in further restricting the age that a motorcyclist is able to take his/her test 

Why is this idea important?

i am a motorcycle instructor the new test is not makeing people safer on the road if anything its haveing the opposite affect as students are now spending less time traing on the road and more time training on the off road areas for the mod1 test this make no sence at all what students need is time on the road in order to hopefully make them safer riders.

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