Change the system for identifying students with Special Educational Needs. Remove the incentive for schools to tolerate and enourage unruly children (as long as they bring extra funding) and use lobbying by parents for SEN support for their child as a warning flag that the system may be being manipulated.  Where manipulation is suspected, this should be a trigger more rigorous assessment informed by the evidenced observations of those directly responsible for the student's learning (teachers and teaching assistants – not SEN co-ordinators who are managers whose budgets directly benefit from increased rolls). Advantage the genuinely needy by valuing and encouraging school identification of SEN but limit individual school SEN funding to a maximum percentage above the norm for their catchment population.

Why is this idea important?

My wife is a Teaching Assistant.  She reports that the last 10 years has seen the emergence of a substantial rump of students with a pleophora of 'behavioural difficulties' whose condition inevitably manifest as arrogant, nasty, clever, lazy and rude. They have clearly been instructed and encouraged to 'play the game' by their parents.  These state sponsored yobs cause such difficulties that they frequently have to be taken out of class to receive one-to-one support by TAs. Otherwise, their behaviour in some classes (usually those whose teachers are not fully in control) is so disruptive that it affects the quality of learning of the entire class.  In that way, poor behaviour by the child is rewarded by one-to-one tuition and parents are rewarded by state benefits as they have a 'disabled' child.

Adoption of this idea will reduce SEN budgets, protect tha rights of (the majority) good and willing students to behave and learn and give a more positive lesson to the children and parents concerned.

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