I urge this government to review the current provision for children special educational need.

I ask that there be to seperate types of statement one for  physical disability and one for learning difficulties

I ask for schools to be more dyslexia friendly.

Currently all children with special educational needs can be put foward for statement there is a limited pot of money and no differentiation between children with physical dysability and those with learning difficulties. Statements are generally awarded to children with physical disability.

Children with dyslexia generally remain on the school action plus program. The wording of the current provision is that children on this program should be offered "up to" 15 hours support a week. In most cases these children barely get an hour a week .

Parents and teachers have to fight hard to get the funding to get children with learning difficulties support.

Teachers need better training to understand that children with dyslexia are not low achievers but highly intelligent individuals who cannot express themselves on paper in the way they can verbally. They need to be given the budjet for these children to have scribes and readers and I.T. equiptment.

The current system is failing our young people

Why is this idea important?

I have a son with dyslexia even with techer support I have had to fight all the way to get him appropriate support. I feel the system lets him down.

I have three friends with children with learning difficulties we are all under different local authorities but have the same problems. We are all exhasted from constantly having to argue with people to get minimal support. We deserve better for our children. They are the future.

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