As a law-abiding motorist, speed bumps  ( cushions or humps) are an insult. Speed bumps are used by local authorities to satisfy the "need-to-be-seen-doing-something" demand of public opinion. Furthermore, speed bumps penalise smaller fuel efficient vehicle users whilst larger vehicles such as people carriers are exempt. My local Council informs me that speed bumps are targeted in lower income areas where their is a higher risk of danger(which doesnt exist I have discovered through a FOI request). This means that those who are reliant on a vehicle are more susceptible to continuos damage and expense all to satisfy the perception of politicians.
 Also, speedbumps are constructed in various shapes and sizes, so there is no "right" way to go over them. Councils tell us that if you are travelling within the speed limit then their shouldnt be any damage to your vehicle, but local repairmen know differently.
I am proposing that the building of speedbumps should be scrapped, and when the current ones are in disrepair then they should be removed. I am in favour of 20mph zones and other speed calming measures( such as single lane traffic) but speed bumps are only there to punish the law abiding majority.
 Furthermore, speedbumps are being put in areas where there has been NO accidents as a result of speed, further strengthening the view that local councillors all over Britain are using speedbumps to make themselves look good and not using our money to tackle the real problems on our roads like potholes.
The burden on motorists is already huge and having to repair our suspension everytime we go for an  MOT is theft.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it would save money. Fife Council has spent £5,000,000 on speedbumps since 2005, £52,000 in 4 streets around my home. I know many people who come on this site will have similar stories. Stop the war on motorists and give us the freedom to drive.

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