Scrap mobile safety camera partnership speed units. The mobile units are being used for income generation rather than prevent accidents. When ACPO policy is read it becomes quite clear the units are not operating as intended. Tragically many people loose their lives through speeding vehicles and reducing these events should be a priority. It can easily be identified where black spots are through statistical information. However, how many times are the mobile units deployed to these locations or targeted towards areas where ‘boy racers’ gather? The resources could be more usefully deployed to reduce accidents, and the information gained from these cameras should only be used for speed detection not a wider intrusive purpose.

Why is this idea important?

The aim was to reduce road traffic accidents. Now local authorities and the police use mobile units as a source of income. Consequently road accidents are not being reduced at black spots to save or prevent the loss of life. I challenge the goverment to gather information on how many people were reported for speeding at black spots and how many at other locations to generate income from the public. Furthermore, how much of the money is used on preventing accidents by changing stree furniture or road design and how much is diverted into the coffers of the public sector to fund their general running costs? This is an abuse of power to generate income when the public already pays handsomely for the police service and local authority.

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