Speed limits used to be set at the speed below which 85% of drivers would choose to drive, measured in free flowing traffic.  This is a proven scientific formula which set limits at a sensible level.  This ensured that only the reckless few were prosecuted.  The last government changed this to the 'mean speed' meaning that councils can set limits making 50% of drivers criminals.

This should be reversed.  Then all the argments about speed cameras and punishments would becoime superfluous as responsible drivers would not be criminalised.

Why is this idea important?

It is fundamentally wrong to criminalise the daily activities of reasonable people.  Setting limits at mean speeds criminalises 50% of drivers.  We need to restore respect for the useful road safety tool of speed limits by making them sensible again.  This rule achieves this perfectly and should be reinstated before any more ridiculous limits are put in place.

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