Having lived in Holland for 8 years I was really surprised and happy with their speeding fine method.  Instead of issuing a fine and penalty points (punishing the driver up to 4 times 1: cash from the pocket  2: points on the licence 3: potential insurance premium implications 4: having to pay for a stupid refresher course) they simply have a fine system regardless of how many times you speed.  However if you go over the speed limit by, I think, 50 kmph you receive an instant ban.

It could also be to have a sliding scale based on how many mph over the speed limit a driver is; up to a set limit where a 1 year ban could be introduced.  However this top limit ban should be subjective depending upon the situation i.e. a life and death dash to the hospital etc.

Why is this idea important?

Most people that are done for speeding are only a few mph over the limit so lets have a fairer system where the punishment reflects the severity of the offence!

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