Replace the loss of driving licence after twelve points and replace this with an appropriate and 'over limit' related fine

Why is this idea important?

Losing your licence after twelve points is a disproportionate penalty.

1) Outside of London where there is not an abundance of tube and bus services, being unable to get to work, go about family business, do the shopping in out of town supermarkets, is totally disproportionate to the offence.

2) It encourages people to drive in rural areas without valid licences (and therefore insurance) out of sheer desperation

3)  A disproprtionate amount of time is spent in buuilt up areas watching for speed cameras and the speedometer rather than watching the road

This should be replaced with a fine based on the total mph accrued over the limit and on the licence for five years. It would therefore be in relation to the offence and increasing for persistent offenders.

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