I would like to see a limit on storing and sharing information about spent convictions after a period of time and believe it minor criminal records should be scraped after a period of time.

I believe the current status recently ammended to expand the data to employers on spent convictions are a disgrace and will allow for discrimination in the workplace for many young people who may have got into a bit of bother as teenagers.

A criminal conviction 20 years ago for theft should not hang around a persons neck as an intrusive life sentence and there should be limitations as to how long the police can hold such information. I am not talking about serious crime like murder or rape etc., CRB checks are in place to protect people at risk, not to continually punish reformed people who may have made a few mistakes many many years ago.

The current status quo in the UK is in my humble opinion unfair, discriminatory and quite frankly disgusting.
Not only is it possibly a breech the Human Rights Act, it makes the notion of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 absolutely worthless.

Why is this idea important?

Without it ther is no reason for people to rehabilitate.
Employers would discriminate unfairly.
Our current system is breaching the Human Rights Act.

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  1. Had conviction theft of scrap metal when I was 15 38 years ago finding it hard to get visa to visit oz

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