It seems like the current system for sporting TV rights is clearly unfair and allows one broadcaster the ability to control the market and the price that consumers pay. This is highly uncompetitive and unfair on the general sports fan. The sporting bodies seem to want this monopoly as it is allowing increasing revenues, however at the expense of the consumer interests.

I feel that the law should be changed to ensure that no 1 broadcaster can have all of the rights to any  "prime" sporting rights and at least one package of rights has to go to a FTV TV provider, assuming that they bid for the rights and pay what is deemed to be a "fair" market price for a commercial broadcaster. This figure could come from the average estimated revenue from advertising which a broadcaster will receive from this type of sport.

Why is this idea important?

This is important for everyone in the country as at the moment the current system is unfair and encourages a monopoly, whilst also making it harder to encourage people to take an interest in sport. It is the loss off this competitive nature that is having a -ve impact on society as well as the community bonding that sports event provide.

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