Remove the regulation where a non-EU spouse of a British Citizen, who can proove that they have been legally married for over 5 years AND can prove that they have been living together in Britain for over 5 years; still has to take a British Citizen test (that most British would fail) in order to receive UK Permanent Residency or British Citizenship.

Why is this idea important?

Non-EU Spouses are disciminated against because of where they were born even though they have adopted British family life and have been accepted into a British Family by everyone except the Government.  Normal people marry according to their hearts not their IQ and those who have difficulty with exams should not be discriminated against.  The 5 year rule would be acceptable and weed out anyone marrying for anything other than genuine matrimonial reasons.  If neccessary the number of years married AND living together could be adjusted to accomodate any legislative objections but the principal remains the same. 

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